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Ben Folds 3/4 @ the Paramount
Nothing much to say really. Ben Rocks Your Socks, and there ain't no denyin'. His opener was "guy with electric guitar" who goes under the moniker of Chris Mills. Needless to say, The Paramount was not the venue for his style as he was completed engulfed by it. He seemed to enjoy himself, though, so who am I to poop on his sunshine? On to the goodies though: BEN!


All You Can Eat
Still Fighting It
You To Thank
Annie Waits
Bitches Ain't Shit
Fred Jones
Last Polka
The Ascent Of Stan
Zak and Sara
Rockin' The Suburbs

Not The Same

Things that were different: Lindsay didn't do his part in Bitches Ain't Shit. Jana was ecstatic because they reincorporated some harmonies in Army. Other points of interest: the large guy to our right who apparently had some mental defect(tourettes possibly?) who was quite excited by the show and the people to our left and one row back who also had a mental defect of a different kind because they were about to throw down with the guy in our row who, horror-of-horrors, decided to stand during a Ben FUCKIN' Folds show. GASP! And, although I didn't witness it, there was some white guy gettin' jiggy wid it during Bens set. Meh. Side note: ticketmaster apparently defines "center-floor" as "three seats from the far right aisle." I would like to crap on their heads.

Note: This was Ben show # 39 for Jana and # 4 for me. To catch up I will now have to see 10 shows for every one she sees. Oh well, I've seen U2 more times then she has.

EDIT: I just realized the act of number 2 showed up 2 times in this post about my 2nd time seeing Ben in 2 years in Washington(ok 2 different years, not 2 years total)with only the 2nd girl I've had at least 2 dates with since moving to Seattle. That is just too much.

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That's surprising, given her love for Bono.

Oh well, I've seen U2 more times then she has.

That's not something I'd be tooting my horn about. d;-)

Well given that number is 1 and it was 5 years ago, I'm not terribly ashamed. Musical talent, or lack there of, aside, but they certainly know how to put on an arena rock show. Anway, she listens to Josh Groban.

"If only Jana were here. ::sigh::"

Setlist = Thanks

so, it's been a few months, but thanks for posting this setlist. I was at the show but had to leave near the end and have been wondering what I missed. Now I know, yo.

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