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I really can't settle on a good title.

This stuff will make you a goddamned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.

Cult of Personality
From wikipedia: A cult of personality or personality cult arises when a country's leader uses mass media to create a heroic public image through unquestioning flattery and praise.

Now let us pray. Our heavenly Obama, who art in St Louis, err, Kansas City hollowed be thy name, just don't mention his middle one. Thy administration come, thy agenda be done, once we know what it is, on earth as it is in Chicago. Forgive us our sins of not volunteering or of working in the private sector. Lead us not into temptation of examining your past associations. Deliver us from our old lives. For the next 8 to 10 years. Amen.

Favorite Movies Survey
aw jeez
I'll play too!

stolen from my HAWT wife who stole it from andy who stole it from kelly and kat

1. What movie have you seen the most times in the theater? How many times?
The Two Towers, I saw it like 6 times which comes out to 18 hours of my life spent watching that in the theater. Then there was the extended version on DVD.

2. What was the last movie you walked out of in the theater?
Well after getting stood up by all my friends to see the Tarantino crap-fest that was Kill Bill Vol. 1, that's probably the closest I came to walking out.

3. What is the first movie you remember seeing in a theater?
Private Eyes, with Tim Conway and Don Knotts, at a drive-in. I carry the life lessons with me to this day and always have a chicken on hand for those chance encounters with a Wookalar

4. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
Hmmm, well I know the one I listened to the most was High Fidelity.

5. Have you ever dressed up as a movie character for Halloween? If so, who?
Does Dracula count? I mean it was a fairly generic vampire outfit and I was like 8 years old.

6. What was the first R-rated movie you ever saw? Were you allowed or did you sneak?
Hmm, I think it was one of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and if you knew my folks you would know I definitely snuck it in at a friends house.

7. Star Wars (orig. trilogy) or Lord of the Rings?
This is tough for me. Star Wars is so close to my heart, but LOTR is more consistent. I think I'll have to play the nostalgia card and say Star Wars.

8. Pacino or De Niro?
Ugh, can I just say Heat? Hmm. De Niro tends to pick less bad movies to be in, other than Meet the Folkers.

9. Titanic...did it suck or was it great?
Sucked. Seriously you had a REAL OCCURRANCE with REAL FLIPPIN' PEOPLE and you have to focus on some made up and incredibly trite, cliche romance for two hours? However, once everybody started dying it got OK.

10. What's your take on Cassavetes?
Not familiar enough to care.

11. Favorite John Hughes character?
Any of them.

12. which movie gives you a boner (or makes you tingle)?
Metaphorically? Uhm, because literally it's probably a genre.

13. which movie always makes you cry like the big puss you are?
I think I cried in Old Yeller when I was like 10. I don't really cry in movies.

14. What's the furthest you've ever gotten in a movie theater? (i.e, second base...)
I don't remember how bases are defined, second?

15. Speaking of sports metaphors, what's your favorite sports movie?

16. Favorite
(a)... teen movie?
hmmm, not sure I really have one.

(b)...Quentin Tarantino movie?
Only Reservoir Dogs, I've decided everything post that is kinda crap.

(c)...Bill Murray movie?
Groundhog Day is tied with Ghostbusters.

(d)...romantic comedy?
When Harry Met Sally. Agree with the missus here.

(e)...gangster movie?
Yes the Untouchables counts and is awesome.

(f)...horror movie?
Hmmm, well I don't really dig slasher flicks that much. I liked Pulse(original) or The Descent.

(g)...made for TV movie?

Christopher Nolan now has a warm, fuzzy place in my heart.

(i)...drug movie?
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

17. which movie have you seen already but will never, ever, ever watch again?
Diary of the Dead is only the most recent, I actually didn't finish it.

18. which movie are you embarrassed to really like?
hmm, it's only embarrassing to me, my wife would be proud, but Emma.

19. which movie should be remade asap?
I don't want to give Hollywood any ideas, just do something original already.

20. What the F happened to (insert answer)? He used to be so damn funny!
Eddie Murphy

21. For the love of everything that's sacred, please someone stop (insert answer) from making another movie!
Lyndsay Lohan.

22. which movie do all your friends love but you think is whatevs?
Anything directed by Tarantino.

23. which movie do you love but all your friends think is whatevs?
Probably something by John Carpenter.

24. If you could hump/date/marry any movie character, who would it be?
Princess Leia in the slave girl outfit. RAAAAWWRRRR!!!! But only to hump, she always struck me as too high-maintenance.

25. Best movie ever?
North by Northwest. Cary Grant is the shit.

26. Book you wish would be made into a movie, and who would direct it?
Chasm City, directed by either Christopher Nolan or Guillermo del Toro, because I'm hot for both of them right now. JJ Abrahms could maybe do it too.

Further evidence of the irrelevancy of the Nobel Peace Prize Take 2
...and why I support stronger border enforcement.

Two Americas
Every time my bus stops outside the house with the Edwards '08 sign, I'll snicker even harder.

UPDATE: It just keeps getting better.

Further evidence of the irrelevancy of the Nobel Peace Prize
Al Gore was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He takes his place beside other such luminaries as Yasser Arafat, Kofi Anan, The United Nations Peace-keeping Forces, and Jimmah Carter, all experts in the field of not really bringing peace to anything at all. But hey at least his theories are founded in solid fact that is undisputed by scientists. I'm just glad global warming advocates are always open to debate.

UPDATE: Even the Global Warming Cabals most sacred institution won't definitively say it's caused by Man. Stronger wording, true, but not the "it's indisputably caused by all those sucky americans" rhetoric we keep hearing. Consensus is neat-o.

UPDATE 2: File under "Snowballs' Chance in Hell".

Sacrament of the left
Why do people get themselves into an ethical snit over meat/milk from cloned animals when there is no evidence at all that it is dangerous yet have no ethical problem with cloning babies just to kill them for their stem cells which have shown no evidence of curing anything at all?

New Viva Voce video
This is an awesome video for the song "From the Devil Himself" off of Viva Voce's new album.(Anyone know why Europe gets it a full month before we do?) Very cool spin on the John Lennon/Yoko bed-in protest.

Cobra Starship is my hero
For making Snakes On a Plane just that much more of a fantasticly B level crap-fest. I can't wait.

Click here for phonic joy.

Or here for the video.

Huzzah, Mr President
It seems sad that this order had to even be given. I wonder what this will do to the Kelo ruling.

Full order here.

Ben Folds 3/4 @ the Paramount
Nothing much to say really. Ben Rocks Your Socks, and there ain't no denyin'. His opener was "guy with electric guitar" who goes under the moniker of Chris Mills. Needless to say, The Paramount was not the venue for his style as he was completed engulfed by it. He seemed to enjoy himself, though, so who am I to poop on his sunshine? On to the goodies though: BEN!


All You Can Eat
Still Fighting It
You To Thank
Annie Waits
Bitches Ain't Shit
Fred Jones
Last Polka
The Ascent Of Stan
Zak and Sara
Rockin' The Suburbs

Not The Same

Things that were different: Lindsay didn't do his part in Bitches Ain't Shit. Jana was ecstatic because they reincorporated some harmonies in Army. Other points of interest: the large guy to our right who apparently had some mental defect(tourettes possibly?) who was quite excited by the show and the people to our left and one row back who also had a mental defect of a different kind because they were about to throw down with the guy in our row who, horror-of-horrors, decided to stand during a Ben FUCKIN' Folds show. GASP! And, although I didn't witness it, there was some white guy gettin' jiggy wid it during Bens set. Meh. Side note: ticketmaster apparently defines "center-floor" as "three seats from the far right aisle." I would like to crap on their heads.

Note: This was Ben show # 39 for Jana and # 4 for me. To catch up I will now have to see 10 shows for every one she sees. Oh well, I've seen U2 more times then she has.

EDIT: I just realized the act of number 2 showed up 2 times in this post about my 2nd time seeing Ben in 2 years in Washington(ok 2 different years, not 2 years total)with only the 2nd girl I've had at least 2 dates with since moving to Seattle. That is just too much.