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I really can't settle on a good title.

This stuff will make you a goddamned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.

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AP. All Poo, all the time.
Ok so this story is supposed to be about how Bush is going to announce his nomination for the Supreme Court tonight. However, I can't stop looking at what have to be the worst pictures of Bush the AP could find. I try to read it but I keep getting distracted. I mean he looks either kinda dumb(don't start; he got better grades then Kerry, a supposedly intelligent, enlightened man and also a failed presidential candidate) or down right smarmy(don't start; Clinton, nuff said). While some would say I am paranoid, I would never discount the media's awareness of the effect, of well, media. In particular images. Call him dumb then show a picture of him with a dumb expression on his face. Call him a liar, then show a picture of him caught midsentence that looks smarmy. AP takes a page from the Michael Moore school of presentation.