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I really can't settle on a good title.

This stuff will make you a goddamned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.

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FU Death Cab
I got the following in an email from Viva Voce yesterday:

... Oh, and speaking of local shows - there's been a big screw up I need to clear up. Showbox missed it bigtime in inviting us to play the Sept.21st show - they acted without making sure it was cool with Death Cab, who had, actually, wanted to play with us in December. We would have been happy to do the benefit, and hope it's successful beyond measure - but will be sharing the stage with the artful four in due time. Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks yall & see you soon.
Love - VV

WTF, Death Cab wasn't cool with them playing? Viva Voce were the only reason I was going, not for those pretensious ass-hats in Death Cab. Hell. Oh well...I see tickets going for 115 bucks on ebay...maybe I should sell them to some trendster who couldn't score tickets to Arcade Fire.


Oh well, the Black Keys on Friday were LOUD AND AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next up, Nada Surf and The Decemberists in October and Paul McCartney in November.

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Selling tickets to a benefit show for personal profit because you dislike ass-hats is weird.


Well, they already got the money for the benefit. Besides, as they say, I gave at the office.

I guess the hurricane has been taxing enough on you. It has been a few weeks since you've seen Viva Voce in concert. Now you can buy an ice cream cone to ease the pain with the money you will earn by auctioning off tickets to a disaster relief benefit show.

Like I said, I go, they still get the money, I sell the tickets to someone who would really like to see Death Cab, they still get the money. I didn't steal the tickets. So I fail to see why I should feel guilty.

Kevin's post was a disappointed reaction to sad news. Relax. We're going to the show.

Paul McCartney tix, eh? Man, I wish I could, but I don't think I have enough pennies to afford his Detroit show. I expect a full report from you.

New Castlevania game ist rad.
My poor Xbox must be getting tired.

I've been playing my 360....WEEEEEEEEEEE!! Only cost me 14 hours in line at the Bellevue Best Buy and 500 bucks.

Wait, Microsoft wouldn't hook a brother up? That's harsh.

I can't believe you waited in line that long for one. Granted, waiting in line for 14 hours in 50-degree weather ain't as bad as those Ohioans who did it in 20-degree weather.

I did so you would have something to do while in Seattle. BTW, am I still picking you up from the airport? If so I need the info.

Get Dead or Alive 4 and I'll never leave the house.
If you can still pick me up, I'd be grateful. The skinny:

Date: December 11 Flight: NW 215
Departs: Detroit-Wayne County Int'l, MI (DTW) at 12:13PM
Arrives: Seattle/Tacoma Int'l, WA (SEA) at 2:01PM
Flight Duration: 4 hours 48 minutes Miles: 1,927

Date: December 16 Flight: NW 170
Departs: Seattle/Tacoma Int'l, WA (SEA) at 12:10PM
Arrives: Minneapolis/St. Paul-Int'l, MN (MSP) at 5:28PM
Date: December 16 Flight: NW 1496
Departs: Minneapolis/St. Paul-Int'l, MN (MSP) at 6:40PM
Arrives: Columbus-Int'l, OH (CMH) at 9:24PM
Flight Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes Miles: 625

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