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Further evidence of the irrelevancy of the Nobel Peace Prize
Al Gore was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He takes his place beside other such luminaries as Yasser Arafat, Kofi Anan, The United Nations Peace-keeping Forces, and Jimmah Carter, all experts in the field of not really bringing peace to anything at all. But hey at least his theories are founded in solid fact that is undisputed by scientists. I'm just glad global warming advocates are always open to debate.

UPDATE: Even the Global Warming Cabals most sacred institution won't definitively say it's caused by Man. Stronger wording, true, but not the "it's indisputably caused by all those sucky americans" rhetoric we keep hearing. Consensus is neat-o.

UPDATE 2: File under "Snowballs' Chance in Hell".

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HA! I didn't know speaking about global warming and refusing under any circumstances to address any criticism promotes "peace."

I personally think The Day After Tomorrow had more of an impact on the global warming debate than An Inconvenient Truth.

Jake Gyllenhal is cute.

This is true and not up for debate, most like the issue of global warming.

Randy Quaid's brother + global disaster + Art Bell's book = near irrefutable evidence that as bad as it could get it will still be a lot of fun to watch.

the intergovernmental panel on climate change says there's a greater than 90% confidence level that human activity causes global warming.

sounds pretty definitive to me. that, and the hundreds of peer-reviewed papers in the journals "science" and "nature" that say pretty much the same thing. but then what do i know?

still, i'm glad that al gore is here to protect us from manbearpig.

Anything funded by the U.N. is immediately suspect given the predisposition of most member countries toward the Kyoto treaty and it's overwhelming bias against the US. It would seem that you could say, in as much as global warming nay-sayers may be influenced by donations/sponsorships from oil firms and other large corps, that the scientists involved in this study were influenced, at the very least, by research funding from the UN and other governmental agencies. Not that I can say definitively or with any support as I haven't researched it, but one has to wonder why no scientists are serious about a global ice age like in the 70's. Could the funding well have dried up? I am just extremely skeptical since local climates and environments aren't changed irrevocably or even anything close to semi-permanently by instances of intense greenhouse gas releases from volcanic eruptions that humans are really doing anything like what Al Gore and his ilk would like us to believe. But as you say, what do I know other then who I trust?

I also dispute the threat posed by Manbearpig.

while i'm sure that scientists can't be completely dispassionate about the research that they're doing, this summary states that the report was "based on years of peer-reviewed research." the origins of reports like this one are practically irrelevant as long as the science is sound, which is what the peer review process aims to guarantee. this report reflects the scientific consensus of the vast majority of climate researchers, regardless of who or what is funding their research.

as for volcanoes -- they only release greenhouse gases for a short period of time, so by their nature they can't irrevocably or semi-permanently change local climates. interestingly enough, volcanoes are an important part of the natural carbon cycle, a self-regulating feedback loop that more or less "controls" the overall global temperatures. it is by adding more carbon into the atmosphere than can be absorbed out of it by the carbon cycle that humans are contributing significantly to the warming of the planet.

You are such a Republican.
Hope you've gotta boat, my friend; Seattle's on the water, ya know. :)

welcome to 2 months ago. population you! ;)

also, what is your new addy going to be at casa del dan-o?

1565 Vinewood, Detroit.
Not done until the mortgage people appraise it. Should happen Friday.

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